Incoming Links

Hello to Everyone,

What is the best way and quickest way to
get a few incoming links to a new site?

Is it best to join open directories manually
or is there a free good way to submit my
site to multiple sites all at once?


If you are just looking for any link, you could create some web 2.0 properties. Sites like are good for writing articles and then linking them back to your site. You could also put links on wiki sites like Commenting on blogs or forums is another way to get some links back to your site quickly (although many of those are also nofollow links).

SEOMoz has a lot of good resources on link building,

Hope that helps you,


If you are looking for incoming link, share content in web 2.0 properties. It will help in generating high quality backlinks.

For starters, why would you want to? If you follow the advice given by @smanaher and @alaxhooper then you’ll get some links, but they’ll most definitely be poor-quality links and will offer you next to nothing in terms of boosting your ranking.

Nowadays, Google picks up links within a few hours, or a day at the very most. I haven’t submitted a site to a search engine for years now, because a quick link ANYWHERE is bound to be caught by Google. In this case, the advice above is fairly good advice.

However, if you want to boost your ranking then you need to do it organically, which means not putting your own links up. We have a sticky thread at the top showing users how to do a competitive analysis on their site. This is a great first step towards seeing how your competitors have built their strong links.

[FONT=verdana]Just to add to Ultimate’s good advice, the best way to get high-quality links is to make sure you have high-quality content - content that other sites will want to link to. If your site has informative, up-to-date, original and useful content, the links will come. If it hasn’t, they won’t.



@ULTiMATEhas a good point and I probably should have pointed that out. If you want links in the “quickest way possible”, the suggestions I mentioned would work but yes, they would not be the best quality links. Quality links involve much more effort and time to achieve.



SEOMoz and Href is best one to get incoming links currentlly…