Including SSL in my site


I have a PHP site… now it says “not secure” (on top, right next to url) when I visit in mobile device (but not on laptop…)

I asked my webhosting about SSL, they said a certificate costs $90/year (plus sales tax, which, where I am (Chile), is a horrendous 19%), so it would be about $107/year (yes, they quoted me in US Dollars…)

is this the only possibility? it seems horrendously expensive… it’s a personal website, very low traffic…

would appreciate suggestions… thank you very much…

There are many free certificates available. Google is your friend.

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Moved to Server Config category. Yes, you do have a PHP website, but it doesn’t mean it’s a PHP problem if it’s just SSL hosting. So I moved it appropriately.

As for your problem, if your hoster has something like cPanel, you can easily install your own SSL for free. You just need to know where to look for free SSL providers.


ok… I will look… thank you very much…

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