Include GIS as SitePoint Section/Area of Focus

I program in web apps in Geographic Information Systems(GIS) and finding information about good web programming in respect to CSS, JavaScript and HTML and then combining it with a web map which uses spatial queries and interacts with other page elements becomes complex, but there seems to be two knowledge groups supported; either professionals know the the three tiers of the web or they know GIS; I need the continuous knowledge for both. And with mobile GIS apps and online maps appearing more and more, the requests become more complex; developing a good web page is not an issue. developing a good web map is not an issue, but developing a web page map the right way; solid, secure, well-presented, interactive, and with the separation of functionality can be daunting and I would like to see more knowledge resources provided in this area.

As a member I would be glad to provide feedback on the GIS side as I have programmed in Google Maps, Bing Maps, and ESRI ArcGIS Server; also used MapInfo and MapPoint in the past, but they were desktop.

Can we have GIS at SitePoint? Your books are well written and I think that SitePoint would be the ideal company to write about something like this, a a complicated while maintaining the ease of readability. You have done it with your other books, forums and blogs, why not this.

Can this happen, or should I keep asking? :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon as well as hear from other SitePoint members that might support this idea.



I don’t honestly think there’s enough of a demand for it to require it’s own section, though that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it in a general section! :slight_smile:

I come from a unique area as I used to prepare statistical reports to track information on the welfare system when the federal came about and used graphs, tables, maps, as monthly and historical reports. But there is an entire community that I interact with; check out the people I follow on twitter. My twitter is my name: chrissergent

I have gone to training in GIS and then you get into programming that does not relate to GIS and there is the escape route to no help.

Conversely, you learn about web and then that foreign term of GIS comes up.

There is a little bit of GIS hidden in your books that I have bought and I liked it, but as this is my career I wanted more. I think the demand is not there yet because of a hidden barrier of ignorance, ironically both parties are very knowledgeable.

I am willing to help voluntarily with this. My skill was always the one with the knowledge to speak to the groups that were more knowledgeable than me in their areas, but I knew a little bit of all of it. It wasn’t intentional, but when you have to provide information quickly about 1,000,000 people or more monthly, are not the most accurate at data entry, automation is helpful for accuracy and turning a month long process into- “it’s already done”

Web maps could be automated with everything else to simplify everyone’s work, but there is a need to realize, the information you use isn’t different, how it is presented and used is.

I do hope others respond to the poll in a positive manner to facilitate this happening.



Hi Chris,
I’m always interested in hearing what you guys would like to see here and my mind is certainly open to this idea.

I have to be honest though, you are the first person that has ever raised it. I’d be interested to see what response you get to your poll. If the idea is a popular one then I’ll entertain it for sure. :slight_smile: