In search of Digital Solution

Hello all:

I been running a small online music store (downloadable mp3) for about 7 years now, but the irony is till today I haven’t found any out of the box solution that would help me to run the music store more effectively with features such as:

> better management of record labels, albums, covers and tracks
> auto track review creation
> sell each track of an album or the complete album
> adequate product download setups
> transparent monthly report to the record labels

I’m sure this is not just a “wish list” but some of the vital features required for running a successful online music store for many small business owners out there.

Tell me I have missed such product in my quest of the perfect solution! Please do guide us and finally we all can have a sigh of relief :eye:


I don’t think that you will find online music store script with all these features out-of-the-box. It’s better to find universal script and adjust it for your needs.