In Quest of the Genealogy App

I’ve been searching a descent family tree app for months, and since I’m a designer at heart, none of them attracted me from a UI/UX point of view. I’ve even been dreaming of getting hired to design one or hire developers to create one with them. :smile:

Anyway, I wonder has anyone been researching the business perspective or this kind of niche? Intuitively I feel older people would be the main target audience, and perhaps that might be the reason why an app like this had never been paid out a descent attention from a design perspective.

Good question. There are a lot of genealogy sites and software, but I don’t know of any apps.

Well by app I mean it can be a web app as well, not only native app. In any way, none of the available softwares out there attracts me visually. They are so outdated, yet the logic behind it is incredibly complex to some. My vision is if I can take their logic and basically give a layer of great user experience to it.

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