In Need Of An IE6 Fix


The site (still being built) linked above falls apart in IE6. Can someone take a look and see why and maybe share a fix with me? Thanks in advance!


Late for work, if you want an explanation wait 7 hours :slight_smile:

#footernav li a{float:left;}

Thanks Ryan. I will look into a explanation in the meantime. Also, noticed that Blake has not removed the two sites yet. bummer.

I’ve messaged him twice about it.

I’m going up to Ohio for spring break so I’ll force it off of the site there ;).

The float:left; was needed because hte <li>'s were widthless floats and the anchors had a height set thus triggering the bug. Floating the anchors fixes it.

The zoom:1; was needed because in IE6, overflow:hidden; doesn’t contain floats and IE6 needed the parent to have haslayout to show the image and display correctly