In GitHub, what do I do with "Your recently pushed branches" messages


I created a set of tutorials, placed the code for each tutorial on its own branch. I now made some changes to the branches and in the master branch I’m getting this message

They have nothing to do with the master branch, at least part2 is behind. What’s the thing to do?


It’s suggesting to create pull requests to have it merged into the master branch. If you don’t want to do that you can just ignore those messages.


Or it might be suggesting the other way, if Master is ahead of those branches, it could be suggesting merging master to those branches to bring them up to date.


Are you sure? I don’t think I’ve ever seen Github do that.


Fairly certain I’ve seen it do that. I might have been viewing the branch on github though.


Yes, master is ahead of the other branches. I want them that way. So I just ignore the message?

Out of interest is there a way to remove the message without acting as it suggests


Yeah, just ignore it.


I believe it goes away of its own when you ignore it long enough