In collapsibles why between elements exist empty space?

can you debug/help on this… jQuery Mobile Web App
in collapsibles why between elements exist empty space… ? as inspect (Chrome browser) shows are groups of



It looks like it might ne introduced by one of your scripts as I don;t see them there in the actual source code.

A quick fix would be to add this:

.ui-collapsible-content li{line-height:1rem}

That is only a quick fix though while you find the cause of the problem. As I said it looks like a script problem because if I view source I don’t see any of those spaces. The spaces are invalid anyway as they are outside of the list structure and no html should be placed between list element end and start tags…


Thank you for the solution

I applied it

Another almost same problem is
in header exist a further TOP Space bar
and also in footer
top/bottom bar of space and last footer navbar element is Not aligned properly… see again url and if needed refresh page… well ?

solved by adding/applying

		.ui-page, .ui-collapsible-content, .ui-footer, .ui-navbar, .ui-navbar ul { line-height:0 }
		.ui-collapsible-content li, .ui-navbar ul li { line-height:1rem }

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