In 2014 what is main SEO tricks to improve website ranking.......?

On that time Matt Cutts release his lots of update through PANDA and PENGUIN . Now doing SEO for any website is not a easy task for anyone specially for new comer’s. :rolleyes:
I just want to know that what can i do for increasing my website ranking.:shifty:

That’s easy. :slight_smile:

Forget all about “SEO tricks” and concentrate on your content and improving the overall quality of your site. That’s the best possible use of your time and effort, if you want long-term, sustainable results in ranking, traffic and conversion.

Be very careful google are targeting obvious attempts to improve ranking, i.e link farms, repeated use of keywords and phrases above 3% of the page content, not having legit page content.

Ensure you have the following working for you:

meta description

H1 tags

alt tags on images

Internal links all readily identifiable by web spiders.

etc etc

As the member above suggests keep building your content, you’ll be surprised at some of the page searches you start appearing in.

Have you started to use Google webmaster? Some very nice diagnostic tools in there :slight_smile:

To truly get on top of SEO you are going to need a lot of research, long tail keywords as opposed to single keyword etc.


For me, I actually care less about the ranking. But, I aim to rank my site on top of SERP and get traffic that converts.
Searchers will not look on your ranking, they will look on what you can offer to them, they will look for satisfaction and I think that is more important.

Content update and good on page optimization will be beneficial for website’s ranking. If content on a site is informative then online users will come at the sites and its rank will increase automatically.

I just hope i`ll catch the day when all tricks will be pointless, then to see the day when people will understand that tricks time has passed.

Content should be fresh.
Get backlinks from trusted websites
What ever you to do just follow the SEO guidelines.

And exactly how are people going to find your site if it’s not ranked? Most searchers will not go beyond the first two pages in either google or bing, ergo if you are not in those pages you are not going to be found by searchers hence the emphasis most webmasters put on ranking.

As stated above by myself and others, content still remains the key but you need to target your keywords and key phrases, to do that takes a whole bunch of research.

you can find almost every page on the Internet, most likely all pages are ranked even with ranking in the 100th page of Google’s search results. I neither think that traffic is that important its way more important that clients find you and buy something if you happen to own a commercial site. Traffic is way overrated IMO. Since Panda rolled out people are writing about how it hurt the ranking of Apple, Ebay, Amazon. Those companies could care less about ranking simply because no one is searching for them, their respective names are well known.

Not using a search engine - most search engines list less than 10% of pages on the internet and even those that do list over 10% are a long way short of 20%. Well over 80% are not listed by any search engine. Of course the majority of those pages are ones that the owner doesn’t want listed.

Relevant content and doing SEO in stages and manuality