Imput boxes in flash

I am making a competition scoreboard kind of thing. I have a competition that is running between 12 groups to see which can raise the most money first. I want to create a flash that fills a thermometer a step for each amount of money they raise. I have made the 12 thermometers and made each one 100 frames moving a step in each frame. I want to be able to input a target that can be changed, and then input the amount each group has raised, and then press a “go” button and this is changed to a percentage and displayed in the thermometer. I would like for a “well done group X” to come up when the target is reached. The system will not be used by myself solely, so must be simple. If it will work better i think it would be an excel document that you change, then save and you open the flash thing and press “go” and the percentages change.

That probably makes no sense, but i hope that someone knows what im talking about.