Improving articles pages

Hello, we have a blog on the site.
Please, check out some of our past articles on the site and give some advice on how we can increase session duration.

f.e. this one

Thank you in advance.

Article is written very well, but I think it should be written in a positive way. Instead of using negative word like DON’T you should have twisted the title - Quality a Mobile Developer Should have. It should have given you more ideas to explore your content.
Happy Writing :slight_smile:

Somewhat I agree with @digitaljthemes, in the sense I think you could also create an article that discuss the topic from a positive angle. Both are valid approaches and could complete each other.

What I don’t like is the poor color/background contrast the content has. Of course it also depends on the monitor settings, and on a laptop what contrast ratio of the viewing angle the display has.

Visitors could improve the article’s text contrast by tilting the screen back, but you risk they rather leave your site.

You pass the check here: though I think the contrast levels they accept is a minimum rather than a recommendation. :slight_smile:

The nav menu use black/white, why not use that for the article too?


I disagree.

This article is poorly written and has lots of grammatical errors. (Sounds like English is not the author’s first language.)

In addition, after skimming it, like most “Top X” articles, it comes across as shallow and just skimming the surface instead of doing a deep dive.

That is my honest first impression.

Thanks for your reply.
Our articles are checked before publishing. We’ll check it one more time and correct the mistakes.
Also, we try not to write articles with more than 5000 symbols.

Thanks for your reply.
It’s a good remark.

Thanks for your reply.
You think this article is better than the previous one?

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