Improve Web Page Speed Increase


I am facing a problem regarding webpage speed, on my website and when i checked web page speed then speed score does show in google developer tool. So pls give me better suggestion how this is show.


How are you checking the speed? If you use a tool such as Google's Page Speed Insights, then it will tell you where the problems lie and how to fix them.

If you look around the forums, you'll find we have a number of recent threads on a similar topic, which should be helpful. For example:


May be there is some kind of server problem which has decreased your site speed.


The same as TechnoBear, pageinsight will show you most of mistakes. Apart of that check your images and remember if you're serving over HTTP 1.0 (which you do unless not http2 :)) it will load maximum 5 resources (links to images, styles and scripts) at once... so if you have a lot of files it can literally "bog" down connection at moments.


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