Improve Videos


I’ve started doing videos couple of years ago, but I think I have reached a point where all my work seems to follow a very straight line, and not improving. Can some of you point out some tips or techniques that could help me?
Here is my Youtube Channel



Nice videos. Its hard to get out of a rut once you are in it.
I watched a view of your videos and I noticed that they typically follow the same theme of a large compilation of shots with music over the entire thing. Have you ever thought about doing something different than that? For example capturing engine sounds or getting camera angles actually on the car? What about people talking or other background noises?

What are the purpose of these videos because that will determine what you should be doing for the most part. Are you showcasing your work on these cars or someone else’s work? I would try and choose some different music as well. Music is really what makes a video. If the music doesn’t match the scenes or the feel of the video clips, it won’t work right. If you want a certain reaction from your audience and you choose the wrong music, you won’t get that reaction. Music sets a mood much more than the images. In my opinion you could have a video with bad clips and good music and it would still look ok.

Hope that helps,