Impression are not getting counted properly on my adsense account - hw to report?

I am getting daily 2000 to 3000 visitors. Impressions on adsense account was showing around 3000 to 4000 but from last 3 days it is showing only 200 to 300. I guess it may lead to problem for me. so please some one help. How do i contact adsense support to fix this issue.

You can’t directly contact AdSense support for this kind of problem. The best you can do is to post a question here:

AdSense Help Forum

But it won’t necessarily be addressed by an AdSense staff member. More likely you’ll just get some general advice from other publishers.


Thanks Mikl…!

Sad to say that this kind of problem will be ignored by adsense, but still you can try to ask in adsense forum.

Ads may not be appearing if its a new ad unit or new site.