Importing table data from one dB to another

I have a dB on another server and it contains data I need on another host. How can I import that data into my new sites database?

They have the same table name, but there other tables are not the same.

which database system are you using?


okay, just for your information, we have a mysql sub-forum for mysql questions (i’ll ask the moderators to move this thread over)

use mysqldump to create a dump file from the source database, and then use this file to create the tables in the target database

alternatively, if you have access to a front end app like phpmyadmin, the dump and restore features are built in

I can only do an export from the source dB. It will export to a CSV file.

do you have a front end app like phpmyadmin? they can all import csv files

Yes, the target site has phpmyadmin

Have you heard of SqlYog GUI for mysql and it’s tunneling feature? If yes then it definitely helps u alot.
For more info:

This is a small program like Navicat, I have programs that will open dB’s but my problem is that the source host doesn’t have a remote login capability only export.

That is why tunnenning will help.
The idea is you upload a php file prorided with your app (navicat for instance) and set up the navicat client to connect to your mysql database via the uploaded file. The technique is called “tunnelling”.

I realize this is an old thread, i just wanted to provide clarification because it seems like you didn’t make the connection. :slight_smile:

…or you can use an online tool, where you install only small proxy to facilitate communication between servers. Novaquantum makes one…