Importing rss feed in blogger

The question is simple:
How can I import a rss feed to blogger?
How about if I important more then one.

I’m looking for something similar to sydication plugin for wordpress.
Do you know something like this?

Have you tried searching for a blogger widgets?

Must admit I didn’t try that. I’ve tried with google importing rss to blogger. Found something that is working but is not exactly what I want.
Where do I look for widgets?

is it important to Import rss feed in blogger? what’s profit we get if we do that?

There is an plug-in available in the wordpress and there are many blogger theme in which we can easily assign the rss feed button and people can subscribe the blog post easily.

RSS feed subscription facility is already available in your blogger blogs. To start using it, go to your blogger dashboard and click design –> Add a Widget –> Feed

Add the rss feed link here to start showing latest content from RSS feed of your choice on your blog

@johnktaylor that is almost what I’m looking for but … look here Coupon Code – Video tips about coupons, vouchers, discounts, promo it takes the feed and from every post in the feed makes a post in the blog. This is what I’m looking for.
Any ideas?

If you are using Blogger, then you have a widgets for adding rss feed. Go to the Dashboard > Design, from this area there are option to add several widgets allowed by blogger. You can add them easily.

I don’t think there is any plugin for blogger that can automatically import your rss feed to blogger. You have to do it manually. If you want, you may check this step by step guide from ehow on how to do so… How to Add an RSS Feed on Blogger |

Does anyone ever use feedburner?

Rss feed is very important for blog this provide us information about update
of the website…

I don’t believe they were asking if RSS is “important”. The question was how to “import” an RSS feed into blogger.

I am using it! I’ve been using it for years now. Any concerns about it?

No, There no plugin like syndication in blogger, you can’t fetch posts via rss feed

You should go in the design then click add gadget there you will find the the option of the rss and click on plus sing so this way you can import RSS in blogger…

Yes found this the hard way … but found another method to do what sydinction does for wordpress … on blogger.

Thanks all for the help.

@couponsitescript did u fount the plugin for fetching post from rss feed to blog?

If he hasn’t found a plugin by now, chance are, he never will.

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