Importing Google Web Fonts

Hi there, I was just wondering, if I were to import some Google web fonts on my website, would it be compatible with every browser? I never tried importing different fonts before, but thanks for any info.

You really just have to test them. To be honest, though lots of people use Google fonts, I’ve had trouble with them working in all browsers, but maybe they need to be tested on a font-by-font basis. Theoretically, they should work in every browser.

My preferred source of web fonts is FontSquirrel. They are free to download, so you host them on your own site.

I personally avoid using google web fonts. There’s always a font available publically that I don’t feel the need to use a google web font. Depends on the site, of course, but what font is it you’re trying to use?

I agree with Ralph that you really just have to go test it.

Not so sure that you should use “publicly available” fonts instead of the Googlies. Many freebie or publicly made fonts are poorly designed and/or have small character bases. There are downsides to both, certainly. My biggest current beef: Chrome’s diffident relationship with @font-face.

I’ve had no probs with @font-face in Chrome … especially with the FontSquirrel setup.

By Publically available, I mean to say installed fonts.