Importing a navigation menu from an external style sheet


I need to create a number of pages which will share the same navigation menu.

My problem is that every so often I need to add an additional page which means I would need to update the navigation menu on all of the other pages.

I was wondering if there was some way to use CSS to import the menu from an external source so instead of updating every single page with a new link, I only need to update the one menu.

Frames do seem to be the easiest answer to accomplish this that I can think of for this but I want to avoid using them for various reasons.

Many Thanks.

CSS is the wrong tool for the job. It’s a bit like deciding you want to divide a room in your house into two, and just painting across the gap … that doesn’t work unless you’ve built a wall first …

Assuming you’re not using a CMS, the two easiest ways to import a standard menu are SSI (server-side includes) and PHP. See an old post of mine for a quick guide to SSI. I’m not so sure how PHP works, but if you post a question in the PHP forum, I’m sure the nice people over there can help you out.

Okay thanks Stevie