!important Syntax parse error

Hi im getting these parse errors for my !important; syntax not sure why is just not reading it?

747	.ourproducts	Parse Error !important;
753		Parse Error [: red; !important; font-size:14pt; !important; } .apptitle]
846	.slsecond	Parse Error !important;
847	.slsecond	Parse Error }
858	.sllink	Parse Error !important;
859	.sllink	Parse Error }
867	.img-with-text	Value Error : width Parse Error [width of img]

I’d need the website but it looks like you are putting !important AFTER your semi colon. E.g. you have something like this.

.code { color: red; !important;}

When it should be this

.code { color: red !important;}

Look and see if that’s the case, otherwise give us a link to the stylesheet that is giving you errors.

You are probably copy pasting the CSS instead of providing the validator a URL.

Please paste your whole CSS file here.

I figured it out but now i get these:

772		Property -moz-box-shadow is an unknown vendor extension
772		Property -webkit-box-shadow is an unknown vendor extension

Yes, vendor extensions are technically invalid but by no means does that mean you should remove them.

The validator only validates CSS that it knows. Those vendor extensions you just posted are browser-specific. All vendor extensions are technically invalid in the validators eyes. However, not all errors are actually errors that you should bother fixing.

I recommend removing them though (contradicting what I just said about vendor extensions) since box-shadow support is pretty good and goes back to IE9/FF33 etc.

ok ill put box-shadow instead thanks!

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