Importance of having only H1 in the homepage


How important to have only one H1 in the homepage? I have four H1 in my homepage. Is this bad?


i think the concept is if every thing is in black and there is one small white circle it stands out
same with h1
if you use it efficiently it stands out(even in size) and perceiption is if it stands out it most be something important in that page(thats why it make it stand out)
so SE may consider it as keyword…which helps

i dont know their algorithm but they say even if there are only one or two italics,h2 etc in a page it may work with same mechanism

but if you say same thing again and again …you will be consider political leader(whom people discount) not a preacher :smiley: same with SE

Not if all four headings are equally important.

Having one H1 per page is best practice.

Unfortunately the H1 has been subject to spamming as much as the fated meta keywords tag was, and now has little more SEO value than an <em> or <strong> tag.

Well, the reason I am asking is that I read in some SEO sites that I should have one H1 in each page.