Importance for technical IT magazines on social life

Though there are many advanced accessories like TVs, computers, laptops, mobile phones which provide latest information about the new products or technologies lunched in the market, I think still techno magazines have an important place in social life, specially in India.

The main reason is that magazines do not need any external sources like cable or broadband for sharing the information, where as TVs and computers can’t !

What is your suggestion about this ?

Yeah magazines are very popular way of advertisements and it is reachable of every members to the family.That’s a power of print media.Social life starts with paper media only.TV and net comes after this.

Yes Eddie, you are absolutely right.

When there is power off, no electric media will work, at that time you can get the info from these news papers and magazines.

It depends on where and when there is a power off. Without power, presses won’t work either :wink:
But I agree that paper media have their place and importance.

My first thought was Popular Science. my dad liked it, I like it, and when we where done with it, their was always someone else going, we will take it. Dad’s been gone a few years, but I still get it. And just the other day, offered it to a friend who I didn’t think would be interested, she immediately smiled with a yes. electronic versions, you can link, post, but its not the same.

well there are also lots of information found in a book. For me reading is much more important when you have a book rather than reading on a computer.