Import/export image problem

I am trying to something extremely elementary, and I don’t seem to be able to connect with directions on how to do it. The reason I think I can’t find directions is probably incorrect vocabulary on my part.

I want to take an image out of the Picture file, resize it in photoshop, and then return both the original and the resized image to the picture folder. The original image is a .jpg file and I want the new one to be a smaller .jpg file.

I look at it as if I am importing an image from my picture folder into photoshop and then exporting the old and the new images back into the picture folder. I must have the language of import and export wrong because I don’t seem to be able to find them.

Is what I am trying to do logical and what is the correct terminology for what I am trying to do?



There is no need to return the original back to the folder. When you resize it you will have to rename it so that you don’t overwrite it. e.g. Picture1.jpg resized to a smaller size Picture1_sm.jpg is what I usually do.

Hope this helps…

After you open the image and resize it, use the Save As… command or Save for Web… and name it something else (as dbr suggested). Then just direct it back into the folder where you want it.

Yes, it doesn’t sound as if import and export are the terms you want here. You’re really just opening, modifying, and saving. Unless I’m misunderstanding your meaning. Hope this helps.