Import dmp into sql server

how do I import a dmp file into sql server, I see they have an import wizard, but dmp doesn’t seem to be an option in it

Excuse my ignorance but what is a dmp file supposed to be?


dmp is an export of an oracle database

any advice how I can import an oracle db to sql server?

The dmp file will not import directly. If your Oracle server is available you could connect to it using an ODBC driver and perform the import with the source being ODBC and the destination by SQL server in Enterprise Manager.

As an alternative you can export your Oracle data in a less proprietary format like CSV.


hmmm well I just talked to the creator and he said he exported from sql server, I am really confused.

I think that you have yourself a SQL Server backup file. Try going to Enterprise Manager, right click on Databases in the explorer menu on the left, select All tasks, Restore Database.

From the dialog box you can give the name that you want and select the dmp file to restore.


where do I put the dmp file so the restore tool sees it?

You can store it anywhere you like on your hard drive.

From the dialog box you can give the name that you want and select the dmp file to restore.

This is done by clicking a button and navigating to your file. Try it you’ll see.

there is no browse button, I’m on sql server 2000. It’s a list box that says “which one do you want to restore” and there is nothing listed there. my file is in the sql server backup folder

There is a set of radio buttons above that list box that is labeled Restore:, the choices are:
o Database
o Filegroups or files
o From Device

Select the “From Device” choice, and there you will see a “Select Device” button. Once you click on that you will get another diaglog with the choice to add a device. Click on that and select the dmp file that you were given. Click OK until you get back to the main dialog, and click OK there too.

That should do it.


Kinda OT, is there a way to set a dmp file as an ODBC source? we have remote databases that regularly dmp up to a store, but don’t have direct access to establish ODBC links and I don’t want to import the dmp every time there are changes in the remote databases… (trying to automate).

I can’t just connect to the remote databases because A) we don’t want to utilize the bandwidth and B) our customers don’t want to open their firewalls for that kind of traffic.

Any ideas? (should I just post a new thread?)