Implications of Trading Services for Links/Mentions

I developed a fantasy football-related application which helps users prepare for their fantasy football drafts. The application’s usefulness depends on having very accurate & current player and team information. As most fantasy players know, things are very hectic in the days leading up to the season and maintaining current information on all NFL players is a large task.

Currently my application is free. I am a 1-man shop so it is impossible for me to manage both the application and player/team information. So, I’m trying to brainstrom ways to mold the application to be a blend of community-driven, crowd-sourced, and expert-driven information which will drive itself.

One idea I have is to recruit one website for each NFL team (maybe a popular forum or blog) and make them an offer: They would maintain player information about their team through my application, including things like:

  • Depth Charts
  • Player Status (suspensions, being cut, etc)
  • Injuries

This data would drive much of the application. In return, I would link back to the ‘partner’ website from within the application itself. So if a user were to view the Vikings current depth chart, they’d see a link to my Viking parter, be it a text link or small button banner of some sort.

So a few questions:

  • Are there any similar arrangements in existence today which I would possibly model this on?
  • Would this be a fair trade of services? Should I also require a link back to my site?
  • Ultimately I want to charge for some advanced features, but would it be ill-advised to charge for features which are provided by these ‘partner’ sites?