Implementing payment gateways to site

Hello everyone
I have problem with implementing payment gateways…so if anyone can help me with this:
that is the site,and when i downloaded that script it already had moneybookers,paypal,alertpay and some others gateways but i’m not sure how to configure them.I made moneybookers business account and how do i make that functional on my website ?

I have scripts for those gateways(deposit,withdraw …etc)

Do you have a shopping cart on your site? If so, what system? If not, how do people transact?

No i don’t have shopping cart i have some script that was in the site when i downloaded it and it has moneybookers,paypal,alertpay…etc and it has option when someone has money on their account and click for example WITHDRAW it should takes him to that gateway that he is using for example moneybookers and he writes his mail and password and money is withdrawn to him using our site …similar to this site :

Basically people come earn money and when they want to take that money they click withdraw or if they want to deposit money there is button for that and it again should takes him to the desired gateway…