Implementing adsense revenue sharing

If I want to implement adsense revenue sharing on my site do I just replace the user’s pub-id into the ad code I generated? I know this used to work but the adsense code has been updated so I’m not sure anymore

A revenue-sharing-system is more like weebly or HubPages - they give the hosting-service while it is users offer the contents and website. In replace for the free-hosting-services, you obtain a split of the revenue from the promotion.

What you advise is not revenue-sharing as such. It just would show the users adsense-ads and the users Publisher-ID. From that I frame, you would not earn any-thing at all, only the user can.

globestar, to do adsense revenue sharing, I still use the old code format, it still works and it allows you to control the aspect of the ad.
The problem with the new code is that once you change the pub-id what about the ad’s size and such? I never looked into it since the old code format works fine and has been for years now…
Don’t look into the adsense revenue sharing API this is suitable only for very high traffic sites and is not needed for the rest of us.