Implementing a page from psd proportionally

When I get a psd(1750*2400),I found the images and font size were too big for lower resolution.Is it possible to make page fit in different resolution ? Thanks.

if you are having this problem you have the whole web design thing ALL WRONG.

the web is not a giant ( or ever whole) image uploaded as an HTML documents but a collection text and images.

You could probably use an image editor such as Photoshop to reduce the dimensions of your PSD document. (IMAGE> IMAGE SIZE)

but really what you should be thinking is what is the most efficient way way to cut this up into slices. Look for repeating patterns, and unique elements within the design then cut them out as separate image components and code your site to repeat and align those images as background to proper HTML elements ( which will ofcourse, contain your text ( atual TYPED text, not from the PSD)

hope that helps


Read the articles here for a good insight into how you should be making pages these days.

As Dresden said the days of large fixed width designs are gone as there is no “one size fits most” approach that will work these days. Devices come in sizes from 240px wide mobiles up to 85 inch plasma screens and a myriad of devices in-between. You need to cater for all of them by carefully crafting the page and allowing for the fact that users all have different devices to the one you are designing on.