Implement Breadcrumbs


I'm considering if I should manually add breadcrumbs to my pages. Should I use the full name of each page (4-5 words long) or is it okay to use a shortened version? For example:

Full Title Version:
Custom Embroidery and Screen Printing > Affordable Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts > Custom Embroidered Pocket Polo Shirts

Shortened version:
Home > Polo Shirts > Pocket Polo Shirts



The shortened version looks better to me.


I agree. I'm just wondering about the SEO effect and what Google thinks about it. The examples Google gives use one and two word titles that don't appear to be shortened versions but most page titles on the net are actually longer.


I may be confused here, but my understanding of breadcrumbs is that their purpose is to help site visitors orient themselves and navigate easily. Based on that, I'd say use whatever terms would be most helpful to your visitors. To me, that would seem to be the shorter version. (Three lots of "custom embroidered" in one line looks like keyword stuffing. )


How much money does Googlebot spend on your products?
How much do your customers spend?
Which of the two is most important to you and are trying to please?


Provided you have decent site navigation I don't think breadcrumbs are of any interest to Google whatsoever.


IMHO the titles should be descriptive enough so that they allow visitors to distinguish different areas of the site.

In other words, if you have a "custom" there should be a "ready-made". If you have an "affordable" there should be an "unaffordable". I'm guessing you don't have either of those. (better in page content, not the navigation) Also, a sub-category does not need to have redundant definitions. So the "full version" would be more like

Embroidery and Screen Printing > Embroidered Polo Shirts > Pocket Polo Shirts


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