<img> tag not showing image on website

I am working on my own website to host my portfolio but when I use my image tag, <img src=“/var/www/html/portfolio/portfolio-pictures/Montage.png” alt=“5 of me in a picture”> it only shows this. I have checked the permissions but it still isn’t working. Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this?


in cases like this it’s often likely that your path is the issue.

Depending on your host’s folder structure this part seems suspect: ‘/car/www/html/’ is that within a public folder or do you actually have a root level directory named “car”?

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Autocorrect, the path is /var/www/html

Where is the HTML file for that page located?

Assuming it’s in /portfolio, then try using

<img src="portfolio-pictures/Montage.png" alt="5 of me in a picture">

(I’m guessing at the issue here, as I can’t view your image. For some reason, I’m only getting a “download” option.)

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