IMAP Folders

For IMAP are there folders in the mail server? When I create a folder in my client for receiving messages using IMAP, are those folders propagated to the server? Are any such folders relevant to accessing messages from a different system?

I am transitioning from Windows to Linux as my primary system. I currently have an old SSD with Windows 10 in it and a new SSD with a fresh install of Windows 10. I intend to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux in a second partition in the new SSD. So if possible it will help to be able to access my email from any of the three systems using IMAP. I have 7 relevant email accounts from three hosts and accessing messages online would be too inconvenient. Would the folders I create in each client be separate in each (in structure, I am not asking how the contents might vary) of the clients?

I assume it does not matter if I use different clients. I will probably use Evolution for the client in RHEL but I am using a different client for Windows.

I do not intend to access my messages from two clients at a time; that includes not using virtualization.

Yes and yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, thank you. I looked again at the servers and I do see the folders I had created in my client. I should have looked closer before posting.

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