Images in different location

I’m as new as it get to the whole web site building:

I created a web sit on my Mac Laptop OX 10.6.4 and the pages with images in viewing area show the images where I intended for them to be and everything look fine.

I transfer the web sit to my Desk top, which I had just now installed Mac OX 10.8.2 And the images in the web sit viewing area are at a completely different location … Any ideas on why this has happened? And how I might fix that?

Hi ridefree, I’ve moved this to the CSS forum, as it sounds more like a CSS issue. It sounds like your images are placed in relation to the browser window, meaning that they will move around depending on the width of your browser window / viewport.

We’d need to see an example to ad vise on how to ‘tie them down’. Normally, you’d do something like create a containing div and place the images inside that.

For some reason or another the image is staying put on Mac OX 10.8.2 now… My new bit of head ache in following the book I got is… It is dated back to 2011 so the bit about adding facebook to the model website has lost me completely … Is there any other book that you might suggest that I could possibly have a go at … one with a model and is a bit more up to date.

Thank you