Images change(i mean working without problems) in Firefox and all others, but in Chro
side bars (left & write) images change(i mean working without problems) in Firefox and all others, but in Chrome no, well?

header("Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate");
//  require_once("introPage.php");
	$linkid = mysql_connect($hostname,$username,$password);
	@mysql_select_db($database) or die( "Unable to select database");

	$query01 = "select p.* from P p join S s on p.Product_ID = s.Product_ID AND p.Visibility=1 order by s.AA;";
	$result01 = @mysql_query($query01,$linkid);
	$count01 = @mysql_num_rows($result01);

    if(!isset($_SESSION['off'])) ($_SESSION['off']=0);



	if ($count01<$_SESSION['off']) {
....left side....
		if ($count01 > 0) {
             for ($i=$startrow1; $i<$endrow1; $i++) {
             if ($i>=$count01) break;
			    $Product_ID = mysql_result($result01,$i,"Product_ID");
				$Category_ID = mysql_result($result01,$i,"Category_ID");
				$Product_Description = mysql_result($result01,$i,"Product_Description");
				$fileNameS = mysql_result($result01,$i,"fileNameS");
echo "<p align='center'>";
echo "<a href='image.php?recNo=".$Product_ID."&cat=".$Category_ID."&start=0'><img alt='left side featured photo' title='".$Product_Description."' src='images/".$Category_ID."/".$fileNameS."' /></a><br />PID: ".$Product_ID."<br /></p>";

please check in your Chrome browser and tell if side columns images change on page change?

Looks OK to me. If I reload the page in either Firefox or Chrome the images change. I’d suggest inspecting the source of the ‘broken’ page to see if the image URLs are changing and go from there.

actually has a bug and used for debugging … chrome and dw cs6… what ver of chrome you used? I use Version 27.0.1453.116 m… but have 18 tabs open… may this fault? any way check but keep tabs?

I’m using the same version of Chrome, but I don’t think it’s a Chrome bug, nor do I think it’s to do with how many tabs you have open. I wonder if the page is being cached and not refreshing for some reason. Try holding down shift and clicking reload to see if that makes any difference.

again only in chrome problem. i will try chrome in my xp laptop soon. in the mentioned problem if continuously press the home button (left side bar-top) 3 times then images get change…only by this. as said i will try in my laptop…