Imagemagick Imagick and GD speed tests

I have been working on some speed tests over the last month and have uploaded the results in a pdf file ( 604mb ); may be of interest to some of you.

Speed tests results 1

I would be interested in any comments.

P.S. I need to revamp my site and could do with a way of letting users add comments to my examples; does anyone have any suggestions on a good way to do this ?

Thanks for the link Cups; thinking about it I could put a form on each page and link the results to the page in a database or text file. When the page is loaded it selects the coments from the database.
I have not fully read your link yet but adding comments to comments may be getting a bit complicated !

Woops sorry cranial-bore; do not know what I was thinking there !

I have not fully read your link yet but adding comments to comments may be getting a bit complicated !

It depends whether you want comments to be threaded within a subject, ie not like a blog where comments can become forked and the whole thing becomes confusing.

This is where Vanilla, well version 1 anyway, has a nice in-built solution.


Main post

a) Right, this is the main post describing a real 
     problem we have

 - b) here is my suggestion one [arguments here]

  --f) I arrived last, but would like to agree with this 
        suggestion from b

 - c) here is suggestion two [arguments here]

  -- d) I agree with this suggestion from c 
  -- e) I agree with suggestion too also 

Whereas in most forums and blogs the order would be a,b,c,d,e,f ie chronologically.

I hope I’m not dragging you off subject here but the above demonstrates the usefulness of comments on a comment.

Annotations that is the term usually referred to, but in programming it has another connotation.

There is a WP plugin that permits paragraph level annotations, might be worth looking at which is a spin of from an Open University project, JiSCPress

Some of the conversation on there might give you some clues.

Another way might be to use a stripped down Forum, in my book Vanilla is the best candidate for this.

I took a quick look at your PDF, very nice.

One point I really agree on is this:

Imagick needs more documentation

I wrote an image modification class which can use both Imagick or GD (not at the same time of course), and one thing I’ve noticed is that Imagick is very slow at writing out GIF files.

Then again, that’s a fair trade-off against the multitude of filters that can be applied using Imagick. In all honesty, I think that the speeds of these libraries should be a moot point. I’m having trouble thinking of instances where simply saving the modified image to a cache won’t negate any speed difference (except on the first time they’re used, of course).

Ha, when you said the PDF was 604mb I believed you; and was stunned. I downloaded to check and I see that you mean 605kB. Much better :slight_smile: