Image surrounded by expanding antique photo frame?

I’ve I’ve looked at sliding doors and other techniques and still haven’t been able to get this one to work right. Sliding doors seems to work fine with text, but if you use a photo as the content, it blows apart.

What I’m trying to do is use .png images to create a photo frame. Then inside the frame stick in a picture. The frame should expand or shrink depending on the size of the picture.

Any ideas, links?

I assume you’re supplying width=“width-of-the-image” on the images? If not, you should :slight_smile:

It is close to the approach. You were posting when I placed my last post, check the comments. thx

Big John has an example of this at the bottom of this page.

I attached what I have…i can probably use any answers in the future. The black gap between the top frame and top of the image is getting me. The images would vary in size also.

Anyways, I might just have to settle for using a plain white border or something (for this project) and using css3 border-image property or something. The end user will only be able to apply a style to the image (I figured I might could use jQuery to build the divs for each photo element, but, then I get into the problem of floating the thing left or right on the page).

It would be nice to be able to style an image with a border using one style such as this, but, don’t think it is possible :

<img src=“something” style=“antique_frame_float_image_right” />