Image Slider

Hi Everybody,

I have an Jquery Image slider which displays the
images that are in a particular folder.

I want to make my slider to display the images
from my flicker account.

Is it possible? If it is please tell me the way to
implement it.

Thank you,

I downloaded the entire package from the below link.

And it has 5 sample html screens. in that the local fixed and auto are working fine. but the flicker small and large are not working.

Then I checked for the demo on very same page where i downloaded it.
in demo also its not working.

I have changed the API key to my key and checked.

And what is photoset ID. how do i get it.
In my flicker Acount i have a phoset named “Kalidhastest” how can i get its photosetid.

Please any one tell me the way to make it working.

Thank you,

See here: