Image size smaller than recommended size

I got an ERRor on the Google console for the amp
I read all the board guides but the problem did not resolve
I am an Iranian and my English is not good
Can anyone guide me in plain language?

My Error name :mage size smaller than recommended size

There are 20 pages in this case
But one of these pages is presented for example under the post
pliz help me tanx

Welcome to the forums, @parsistrans.

I don’t use AMP, but the guidelines are quite clear.

Image size smaller than recommended size

The structured data in the AMP refers to an image that is smaller than our recommended size. This may prevent the page from appearing with all AMP-related features on Google Search, and may also prevent your Discover cards from appearing with large images (leading to decreased website traffic and user engagement). To fix, use a larger image according to our guidelines.

If you follow the link in that quote, then you will find further information about images, including:

Images should be at least 1200 pixels wide.

You need to find the images on your site which do not meet this requirement, and replace them with larger size images, to meet Google’s specifications.

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