Image scrolling with text to follow- how? ideas?

Hi there,
currently I am trying to accomplish something like this: where the text follows the image.
any thoughts on how to go about this?

i am using jquery on my site.
I have already got the image scrolling working, but having issues with the text to follow - any help and direction would be appreciated.


Wrap your picture and text in DIV elements. If you want something like the DIV that pops up, add the style attribute “display: none;” and “z-index: 1” (bigger than the default).
Create a mouse over event for your image, which will set the display to block;

$('#pic').bind('mouseover', function(){
  $('#popupDiv').css('display', 'block');

Create a mouse out event for the popup div:

$('#popupDiv').bind('mouseout', function(){
$('#popupDiv').css('display', 'none');

HI Amit,
thank you for the response… the popup is not what i am after though.

what i am trying to see how to do is have the text follow the image that scrolls in.

let me know your thoughts…
thank you again

Oh, I see it now. It is an unordered list (UL element), with 3 list items(LI). Each time one of them has the style attribute ‘display’ set to ‘inline’, and the rest are ‘none’. The opacity is changed as well.