Image Rotater and menu plugin

hi all,
i am using cimy header image rotator for my WP them. its a plugin that make image rotater. i want something that on menu hover changes the image image too. (currently there is couple of images and right and on left menu’s on left so the images are representation of menu. though they rotate themselves i also wanna add functionality that when someone hover over a mouse. the image shows up of the relative menu. any idea?

I don’t think there will be a plug in for this, since it can be done using some JavaScript.

Although I have read that jQuery is falling out of favor because of its bloated code, I believe there are some jQuery plugins that you could use to create this effect in WP if you don’t know javascript.

However, I have never used jQuery in WP so you’d need to read up on it in the codex to see if it will work for you.