Image resolution dips when taken 'live'

I am not sure why this is… I have an image that is super high rez - 6MB and I actually crop it to fit the site and it looks ok in flash, but when I put it in Dreamweaver and test it live, it looks grainy - why is this??

I don’t know if this helps but I found an article on Adobe relating to improve bitmap quality.

Hey man, Thanks! Actually it did bring up some things I didn’t know about (self-taught) and then by searching found another part of the problem and I’ll share it here if someone else gets in this pickle.

  1. Per the article that you shared I found out that I should go into the preferences and set the quality to the highest, both for the movie and also for the images (2 different places, explained in the article)

  2. It was stretching the image! I had the size wrong. Right click on the stage and go to ‘Document Properties’ and it will tell you the size. From there, I resized the image and it looks great.