Image optimization for users


I was wondering where to post this so I decided to post this here.

I am complaining about clients who update photos to the webpages,
they have the quality set to 100%, so the size increases much.
And they ruin their site with loading time.

Does anyone know a free and easy image optimizer, where you can set the image (mostly jpeg) quality, it would be good if it were online.

I have searched the Internet, however everything I found had could only select 1 image at a time, I need something for mass selection (few).

I know, but it can’t alter the quality setting it just strips of metadata etc.

Or maybe serverside could help?

[FONT=“Georgia”]hmm… You’re programming the website yourself?

Because if it’s built in PHP for example, there are free, open-source functions out there that you can use to reduce image dimensions, maybe image compression too.

Similar open-source projects may exist for other languages as well.


There is nothing in HTML that can help with what you’re after, so let’s find a forum where they can use their local expertise to help you.

What server-side code is available to you?

I found a method by using PHP, it seems it is written into PHP.

$img = imagecreatefromjpeg($filename);
header("Content-Type: image/jpeg");
imagejpeg($img, $filename, 100);


However, I would want something that is for users perhaps online, a simple user interface, upload, size, quality, can upload in bulk.
If it doesn’t exist, i guess, it would have market, make it free, add some ads. an idea:)