Image not showing up in wamp

Dear All,

I am using wamp and in my www folder is my php file and image file. When I say $movie_rating .= "<img src=\“images.jpeg\”> ";
in a loop the image does not show up in the page but a small box does show. Can some1 tell me where I am wrong?

Check to make sure the image is in the current directory of file it’s calling it from.


Change images.jpeg to images.jpg

If you get this type of problem again, just view the HTML source on the browser and click on the link to the image or other resource.

The browser will show you which error code applies , e.g. 404 not found.

Should give you a good heads-up for what’s going wrong like the typo you had.

Maybe youd better show us some code.

If your php file is index.php and your image is images.jpeg (not .jpg?) and they are in the same folder it should work.

What does the source code of the HTML file read?

easy,view the HTMl images URL.

Thank you. renaming it to images.jpg worked.

Ashim :slight_smile: