Image not linked

I realized SP doesn’t have a general HTML board, so I’ll put this here because it’s somewhat related. I just added the Twitter @anywhere code and coincidentally also noticed something weird on my site. The avatar image on this page ( isn’t linked even though it’s in a link tag (only on Firefox 3.6.2 and Chrome–IE works fine). I removed the @anywhere code and it’s still like that, so it’s not actually Twitter’s fault.

I think I’ve just been staring at it too long, because this is as basic as HTML gets. What am I missing?


I have moved your question to the general HTML board where it belongs.

Wow, how did I miss that? Guess I’m really tired.

So anyone have any ideas?

It is because one of your CSS positioned DIV blocks is covering/masking the image.

Aha, you’re right. I gave it a width and floated it right and it works. Thanks!

What had thrown me off was that the same code was on different pages on the site where it behaved as expected, but then I realized that if you use position:relative, it goes over the top of the image.

No problem. If you get things like that usually; a good idea is to temporarily disasble the CSS or tab the links and then you can tell if they are working or not - it saves you going crazy.