Image Management Plugins?

I’ve got a website that is a product catalogue and the owner would like to be able to add / edit / delete products from an admin area.

I’ve created suitable PHP scripts that allows for this to happen and everything is working fine. But now the owner would like to be able to upload images for the products (just one image per product).

I’ve experimented with letting the user upload an image when they create a new product and doing image resizing, thumbnail generation, etc and it more or less works ok. And deleting images (thumbnail and fullsize) when the product is deleted works ok too. But I’m a bit stuck on editing products and letting the user change the image. Yes I can get it working but it all looks a bit clunky and I’m not happy with how it looks. All of this is just with normal HTML form file uploads, i.e. <input type=“file”> tags.

I’ve been playing around a bit lately with jQuery and AJAX and I thought it would be neat to use these technologies to make things look and work better, but I really don’t have the time to build something from scratch.

Then I thought I’d have a look at how some of the shopping cart systems worked, so I looked at and saw that they use an image manager that lets the user upload and delete files, create directories, move files around, select an image, etc and I thought that was a good way of doing things.

So I started looking around to see if I can find an open source image/file manager that I could drop into my pages and I came across MCImageManager which looks like it will do what I want but it’s commercial and I prefer open source if possible. I’ve also found [URL=“”]FileManager but the docs seem to be pretty slim.

Are there any other image manager plugins out there that people use?

Features I would like:
Pop up over the top of the current page
Uploading images
Resizing images
Deleting images
Picking an image
Show thumbnails of images

I don’t really need the ability to create and delete directories, move around the directory structure, copy and paste images from one directory to another, change permissions.

Maybe check out CKFinder. I know it’s not free, but it’s a good product.