Image lightbox with separated text section and product contact request

Dear forum members,

I have a dilemma here: client request to have an images that will be able to open as lightbox pops but half of this lightbox should be image and other half is text. Okeeey. Than in this text area visitors should be able to enter their contact details to make a request about this particular image. So, he when he receives this request his knows from which image it came from…

My question is: is this possible? javascript to create lightbox is fine but all the rest??

For me, it made sense to create product catalog and put this product request there…

Your thoughts?
Thank you!

It’s possible - you’ll need to remove access to closing the lightbox EXCEPT for clicking the X close button. Does he want the form submit to happen without page load? E.g. AJAX? Certainly possible. Just take a lightbox script and modify it so the closing only works on the X, and put the AJAX form in it.

Some lightbox scripts are just designed to grab an image, so you’d have to modify them a fair bit. But certainly this can be done with JS.

Highslide has various options, including an example using a form. In the basic example, it’s just a radio button choice with a submit button, but it might give you a good starting point.

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I wanted to implement it within standart Wordpress custom field, like this:

How can I do this? The link to the product catalog: