Image for text field

I have created a javascript that checks the user’s input and gives an error if the input is invalid, but now I am trying to style the form fields giving it a better look, for instance, when a user types a wrong input the field highlights in yellow and once corrected it goes back to white.

My problem at the moment is that I wanted to add 2 different images when the field is completed correctly the image is a positive check mark and when the input is incorrect the image is a negative check mark and is updated once the field is corrected or changed.

I did manage to do it, as a field background on CSS but then the text runs behind it, is there a way to put this image as a border, but only on the right of the field, the image is 18px width and height I tried doing border-right-image but the image does not come up, and also I read that this will also not work in the old browsers, does anyone have a solution for this?

this is an example of what I want to achieve

You could put 18px padding-right on the input and place the images as a background no-repeat 100% 0; which will place it far right.

I did what you said, although I might have done it wrong, but that does not even show the pic

background:no-repeat 100% 0;

Sorry, my bad, I fixed it, what you gave me works just fine

Thank you

Glad it worked. You could simplify that CSS to

background:url('incorrect_field.png') no-repeat 100% 0;