Image file

Hi! This is my first try at web design. I understand how to apply the img element within the page’s markup. However, when I go to browser, the image does not come up. When I download the code archive I get the written display but when I go into it, it states cannot find file. Can someone help? Thanks, bobettboch

Hello, BOBETTBOCH, welcome to the forums.

We will need to see your code before we can speculate on a reason the image is not showing up.

You can check out this thread for information explaining how to post your code…

screenshot would be nice

the filename might be different with the filename you’ve specified.

Often, the problem is that the path to the image specified in the HTML does not correctly point to where the image is actually stored. So in addition to posting your code, please describe where you image is stored in relation to the page referencing it.