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Please tell me the best image editor for my PC to resize all images?

Hi there skgeneralsoftwares,

“best”, of course, is rather subjective. :wonky:

I have used…


…to resize images for quite a few years.


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Hi @skgeneralsoftwares

For image batch jobs there are mainly two tools that is free to use:
IrfanView as @coothead mentioned, but it is only available for Windows.

My standard tool for batch manipulation of images is XnView MP (Multi Platform) for Linux. The Windows only version is here: XnView.

I have used all three for many years, but I like XnView MP best. All three have all sorts of plugins avaiable. All three can conveniently batch convert images.


You could use Imagemagick for resizing if you have a lot to do.

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If all you want is to resize images and you fancy doing so in PHP, you might find this useful.

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Thanks for the tip!

I have that editor too, but had no idea that ImageMagick could handle multiple files. Though I’ve never used it from the command-line.

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Ive used skrinkomatic for many years and think it is a really simple program to use. will batch process entire folders.

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