Image Display Plugin

Hi All

I am making a website with a shopping cart and want to add a really cool image (product) display.

I have come across this website:

This image display is great… you can scroll all the images, view them, zoom in, enlarge them, get them full screen and go from image to image.

Does anyone know if this is a plugin I can use with PHP 7.3 and Bootstrap 4?

Or do you know of something similar?

Any help would be great.

Many Thanks


The same one is on this website too:

That first site is an Opencart store, so it PHP based, though these image displays are a front-end thing made with html, css and javascript, so will likley be back-end agnostic.
Also that site uses Bootstrap.
The secoond one is Wordpress, so that’s PHP too.

I imagine those image viewers are plugins for those CMSs, what CMS are you using if any?

Thanks for a reply… I have not found a solution yet and I am not using a CMS.