Image Design for Website - What Resources are Recommended?

Hi everyone:

I work at a small start up and we are doing a website refresh - the goal is to make our products and services a lot more easy to understand as our current website is very confusing. Being a start up, we have very limited resources and operating on a small budget.

We are using Wordpress and purchased the Karma theme - overall we are happy with the site layout and feel but there are minor additions that are needed. I don’t have any graphics design expertise (don’t even know if that’s the correct term) so hopefully you all can help me out.

Website URL:

  1. On our home page - you see an image with a laptop, tablet, and cell phone. I need to have the products we service captured within the screen and not what is currently in there. I can provide screen shots.
  2. On our home page - I’d like to have a “our current customers are” section with logos (similar to I have our customer logos but without any graphics design experience can’t make it looks professional. I’ve used GIMP and placed them on an image but not happy with the results due to scaling.

I have budget to get help with these two items and I was wondering the recommended way to get them taken care of. Unfortunately, I’m on a bit of a tight timeline so the sooner the better.

Thanks in advance. Any other critique is appreciated - just be gentle on me. :slight_smile: