Image border not repeating on the right side of div: why?

Hi all,
On my Wordpress blog which I’m trying to style, I have two divs with the ids “masthead” and “content” with the following attributes:

div#masthead {
background:url("./images/main_bg.png") repeat-y scroll 0 0 transparent;

div#content  {
background:url("./images/main_bg.png") repeat-y scroll 0 0 transparent;

which are supposed to put a border image on both sides of the page, but the border won’t display on the right side.
Can anyone help me figure out why?
For info, I’m using a theme called Tropicala, but I switched sides between content and sidebar, plus I widened the page 200px.
Thanks a lot

  1. are you sure you are CLOSING your curly brackets? In your snipped neither of them is closed.

  2. could be your background-position on each - you’ve got them both set to 0 0; while I’d be having the left one set to “top left” and the right one set to “top right” - though that’s a wild guess since you don’t seem to have this code or the images live on your blog… I’d have to see the images and how you want them arranged to say for certain.

Is your image the same on both sides? It doesn’t look like the right hand side of the image has a gray part. I think the image is displaying OK. Could you attach the image so we can have a look at it? Ideally, it would be more than one pixel tall. Better say at 10px or more.

Thank you for the replies.
Yes the curly brackets are properly closed.
The image, which is supposed to be mirrored on the right side. It is 968x1px
The original image is 768x1px
You can see here how this theme is set basically without any modification. I didn’t change the css so I don’t see what’s wrong.
Thanks again for you assistance.

As Ralph said there is no shadow on the right side of this image. It is completely transparent on the right side unlike the [URL=“”]other image you linked to which has a shadow on both sides.

I have fixed the image for you, attached below.

Wow thanks a lot Ralph. It works now. :smiley:
Boy do I suck at css :blush:

I thought your CSS was fine. You just have an image problem! :lol: